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WetnWild Megaglo Precious Petals 

If you’re one of those girls, who likes to glow likea a pearl, loves their makeup to look shiny then you need the new Wet n wild highlight in precious petals.

Although these collection have 2 shades but from the beginning my eyes was on this golden shade.

I am really troubling to find the right words to explain it’s beauty. In a word, it’s just beyond stunning. And the glow it gives is absolutely blinding. These Megaglo powders are smooth, pigmented, blendable and just fricken pretty. They aren’t chunky, they aren’t glittery, they leave a beautiful sheen. If you’re a subtle highlight lover then keep away from buying it.

In America it’s only $4.99 USD, whereas in Australia it’s $12 Aud. In such an affordable price this wet n wild products are such an identical with many high-end products. In addition, the precious petals is pretty much a dupe for the Becca shimmering highlight Champagne Pop. So, if you’re in budget and don’t have the Champagne pop, then you should definitely grab this miracle item.

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending your precious time on reading my review.


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