Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil

We all talk about makeup but nobody give a moment for a makeup remover! So how’s you going to remove it properly?

If you would ask me I will say I am addicted to oil cleansing in precisely dependent on Simple skin kind to skin cleansing oil.

Before using this I tried Garnier micellar water. Although I loved that but I switched to oils as I have combination skin, thought that would give more hydration. Thus, I chose coconut oils which weren’t removing mascaras properly. That’s why thought to try this out. I am enjoying mostly because it melts all the makeups even though waterproof mascara very gently, doesn’t feel greasy, doesn’t give any kind of reactions. However, obviously, you need a gel or foaming cleanser to remove all the makeups thoroughly.

In Australia you can find at @pricelineau @chemist_warehouse_official, for USA in @ultabeauty @walmart & for UK at @bootsuk @superdrugloves.

Price is so inexpensive, it’s only $8.99 in chemist & $9.99 in Priceline. But it’s $12.99 at Ulta & £6.99 at boots.
Thank you so much for stopping by and spending your precious time on reading my blog 💕💕💕


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