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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream

If you are having driest skin on the face or in your body because of the weather or anything then you should try the magical all purpose skin cream @egyptianmagic. It’s nothing but a better version of vaseline.

In winter my skin basically my face becomes dry like deserts, so I like to put this cream at night before bed. And in the morning I get smooth, & fresh skin like my skin just reborn. Sometimes I use on my lips, elbows, and knees to give extra hydration. For another thing, you can use it as well. Guess what? Removing makeup! Yes, it removes all the makeups without burning your eyes.
You can buy this from pricelineau, ultabeauty & in bootsuk.

Price- 30ml $23.99, 59ml $34.99 & 118ml $49.99 (AUD).

I bought the full-size last year during the sale and still have so much left, more than half. Only little is good to go. So if you buy the full size or even the small one you are good to be covered at least for 2 years.
Thank you so much for stopping by and spending your precious time on reading my review šŸ’•šŸ’•


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